Monday, August 15, 2011

I like him

I just like him.
He's not perfect and I have flaws, this being one more thing we have in common.
But I just like him.

He hasn't brought me flowers in forever and a day, he hasn't lit a candle or made me a romantic dinner...not even a love note.
But for some reason, I like him more than I ever did...even when he did those things.

My daughter has his chin, and when I look at her I remember just how very much I like him.

Of course I love him and I made promises to him that I would do so forever. But I didn't promise to like him.
I just do.

He isn't really my best friend, I have one of those and I like her too. I have lots of friends who I tell lots of private things, things he doesn't know about me and he probably doesn't care.
He just tells me I'm beautiful and that I make him laugh more than any woman ever has.
And that is one thing...just one thing...I like about him.

Sometimes when I look at him I can see right through the years and remember the boy I used to do kegstands with at college parties. Back when he drank and wasn't riddled with acid reflux disease, anxiety, heartburn and other symptoms of older age.
I think I might even like him better now than I did then.

We have problems like everyone else. The spark doesn't ingite as easily and passion is a stranger in our home more often than not. We pace the floors at night with sick children, me more often than him. He forgets to take the garbage out and he forgets to ask me how my day is going. Sometimes, more often than not, he is selfish.
So you tell me why exactly it is that I like him so much. I can't tell you, I just do.

He plays dollhouse with the girls. He hugs my mother hello even though I haven't spoken to his in years. He comes home every night and is happy to do so. He rubs my back absentmindedly when another man glances in my direction, as if to say, sorry...this lovely woman right here is in love with me. Don't waste your time.

Complaints about him, especially in the company of my girlfriends, roll easily off the tongue. So today I thought I would share something a little harder to admit.

That I really like him.